Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need planning permission for a tiled conservatory roof?
A: No planning permission is required.

Q: Will I lose a lot of light?
A: As the roof will no longer be transparent there will be some light loss though the room will not be dark in any way as it’s likely to be surrounded by glass windows on three sides. To let additional light in you can opt for opening skylights to be installed in the roof. These both increase light transmission into the room and allow for additional ventilation.

Q: Will the roof be ventilated? I’ve heard stories about replacement roofs causing problems because they are not ventilated.
A: The Speedroof system incorporates proper ventilation into its design so there will be no question of a build up of condensation.

Q: What are the differences in the quality of insulation compared to a polycarbonate roof?
A: The differences can be huge. Many polycarbonate roofs, especially older types can have U-Values of around 1.15w/M2K. Our system will bring this down to around 0.15w.M2K, only slightly higher than that of a traditional tiled roof and well within the range where you probably notice the room being any colder or warmer than any other room in your house.

Q: Is my existing roof retained under the tiles?
A: It depends whether it’s strong enough. If it’s made from single chamber supports we’ll replace it with stronger duel chamber supports but if it’s a newer design it’s probably already strong enough and we’ll build on top of that.

Q: Will my existing conservatory be strong enough to support a tiled roof
A: Most conservatories are built to be strong enough to support a glass roof should the customer choose that over polycarbonate. Our new roof is actually lighter in weight that a standard glass roof (which is surprisingly heavy).

Q: How long would it take to fit?
A: A standard sized conservatory will take around three days from start to finish

Q: Do you take care of the fitting?
A: No. We measure your roof, discuss the various design options such as tile colour, fascia, soffit and guttering and then build the roof. We have specialist partner companies who can do the installation work for you. Of course you are free to find your own installation company if you prefer. We will deliver the roof to your home either way.