Quality replacement Polycarbonate Conservatory Roofs – affordable and more energy efficient

Replace you old polycarbonate conservatory roof and get better insulation properties at a great price too.

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Polycarbonate is a special type of translucent plastic that is used in most conservatory roofs. It offers an excellent combination of efficiency, strength, lifespan and value for money.

It has been developed to provide a light, easy to install alternative to glass, whilst still offering similar levels of heat insulation and light transmission to standard double glazing, polycarbonate is significantly more affordable than glass as is ideal for those working on a smaller budget.

poly.jpgSpeedroof offer you the choice of 25mm or 35mm polycarbonate - with the 35mm option offering the higher level of performance due to its increased thickness.

The 35mm system, which is 40% thicker than ordinary polycarbonate provides exceptional levels of thermal insulation, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, whilst at the same time, reducing sound transmission and unwanted glare. Combined with high performance standards and minimal maintenance 35mm offers very real benefits to the homeowner.

As well as being more cost effective, polycarbonate is much lighter in weight and easier to install than glass, and the latest 35mm system offers very similar heat retention properties to new standard glass installations.

We can design and build conservatory roofs in any style and to any level of complexity. Our technical understanding and engineering knowledge are such that we don't think you'll get a better deal anywhere. Give us a call on 0141 952 2002 or Fax on 0141 952 7291, and see what we can do for you.

Benefits of the Polycarbonate Roof

tick.png More cost effective than glass
tick.png Excellent insulation properties
tick.png Can be fitted to ANY conservatory
tick.png Easy and cost-effective to replace